Managing your Samoan business's books should be Simple!

What you need is SSAS... Simple Software As a Service

With SSAS you will save many hours every week!
and save money on accounting staff and fees

SSAS is a local Samoan business that has developed a series of Software as a Service modules designed specifically for Samoan businesses.

This came about in 2015 as a result of a local businessman finding that the existing small business solutions were not quite suitable for Samoan requirements, often far too complicated and too costly.

As a result, development of a Simple General Ledger Accounting system based on the way Samoan small businesses work was commenced and by 2016 was being used by a local Company with five employees and an annual turnover of almost $200,000.

Central to this were the requirements of the Samoan Ministry for Revenue, with specific respect to VAGST, PAYE, SNPF and ACC

Other Samoan small businesses started to use the system and after some modification and testing, SSAS has come together as a commercial offering for 2019.